Heaven help Gore getting hurt!

The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that WR Bryant Johnson and RB DeShaun Foster would not be back with the Niners in 2009.  That was kinda surprising to me as I thought the Niners might want to retain both, especially Foster. I thought the UCLA product filled in very nicely for Frank Gore when he got injured last year, and missed three games, if I recall. Foster sure still seemed to have his “legs”, and also caught the ball very well.  Frank Gore has really been pretty durable during his time in the NFL after having at least four surgeries at the U ( two knees and two shoulders) and one in the pros (hand).  But, as with all NFL players, he’s one hit away from being out for a season, or worse.  The trend in the NFL is certainly to have two high quality, starting type, running backs on your ball club, not only to protect against injuries, but to show other teams different looks and often fresher looks. Without Foster, Gore currently would be backed up by Michael Robinson and Thomas Clayton. Neither kinda completes the “one-two” punch that is going to make Defensive Coordinators get nervous. I am assuming that Foster’s departure signals that the Niners will be looking for a RB in Free Agency and/or the upcoming draft?  Coach Singletary has been entirely emphatic that he wants to play run first, smash mouth football. That sure means a stable of competent and durable running backs to me. Frank Gore  hopefully will not be a party of one in 2009.



2 Responses to “Heaven help Gore getting hurt!”

  1. Danno Says:

    Disagree regarding Foster’s legs. He averaged 3.1 per carry last year and looks like he has lost his shake and bake ability. Clayton is a good replacement for Foster if that’s all you’re looking for but they need a long term upgrade. I like Moreno if he slips to the second round. Also, although I like Michael Robinson, can we please admit that he is not a viable running back option. Special team player at best.

  2. hookedonniners Says:

    Thanks for the comments…..the Robinson “one” is spot on. I too like Clayton, especially after last year’s pre-sesaon, but one wonders why the Niners have basically cut him twice? I think Foster still has something left in the tank, and is a very savy and relaible NFL vet. I, for one, was sorry to see him go. I can’t see the Niners going into ’09 with just the Gore/Clayton tandem. Hopefully a FA, or solid draftee, will emerge.

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