OK, I had nothing better to do….

I found there are a total of 228 2009 mock NFL Draft sites on the Internet, and took a look at about 25 of them to get a “feel” where all these “experts” think the Niners are going. Well, USC’s Mark Sanchez got the most “votes” on the sites I looked at, with 5. Gawd, I just can’t see why, but I already have commented on that in a recent article on Hooked on the Niners dot com. 2 sites think the Niners will select an Offensive Tackle, Michael Oher of Ole Miss, or Eugene Monroe of Virgina. Now we’re getting somewhere. Oher is almost certainly going to be gone when the Niners select at #10. Monroe might be there, and could be worth consideration. But…..18 other “experts”, and me as #19, think the Niners will go defense with their first pick.  Four players names came up the most. DE/LB Everette Brown from Florida State, Defensive Lineman B.J. Raji from Boston College, DE/LB Aaron Maybin from Penn State (Mel Kiper Jr’s pick BTW), and Linebacker Rey Maualuga from USC. It certainly appears most of the draft sites were really impressed with last years’ number one, Kentwan Balmer!  Balmer was supposed to be able to play both in the four man line, in the middle, and in the three man line, on the outside.  I guess “supposed” is the operative word here. Maybe “bust” would be more appropriate, but we’ll give him one more year with Singletary as the main man now.  I continue to feel that the Niners first two priorities are pass rusher and safety, followed by offensive tackle. Perhaps one of these needs can be addressed in Free Agency, and the Niners draft shopping list will change? But for now, it fun to read all these mock drafts and see what all these people are spending every waking hour thinking about.



3 Responses to “OK, I had nothing better to do….”

  1. Frank Says:

    MN – It drives me crazy when you read the rationale behind some of these projections. I know a Jets fan with a mock draft doesn’t know squat about the 49ers’ Scot McCloughan drafts or Mike Singletary’s offensive philosophy. We’re just lucky if they know the 49ers run a 34 defense. But, here is what gets me…a guy like Mel Kiper who doesn’t interview McCloughan, or have any contacts in the organization, projecting 234 lbs. OLB Maybin despite the fact that McCloughan has never drafted or signed a former college OLB. Think about it…he signed Tully Banta-Cain even though he had limited linebacking skills, and even toyed with the idea of Justing Smith at WOLB. Clearly, Scot isn’t looking for a pure linebacker…he wants a 265-270 pound, stand up DE-hybrid who can pass rush like Demarcus Ware. The other questionable pundit projection is QB Mark Sanchez. The guy doing the mock has little regard for the 49ers quarterbacks, but he just doesn’t realize how toxic the idea of drafting a QB in the early first round is to an organization that recently whiffed with Alex Smith, and they fail to take into account that Singletary doesn’t place a premium on the position after winning championships with Jim McMahon and Trent Dilfer (and Jimmy Raye II did his best with Elvis Grbac). Singletary’s focus is dominating in the trenches and intimidating an opponent with sheer force. That is how these first two rounds will play out…a strong, nasty RT and a “larger” pass rushing force (think Adalius Thomas and Terrell Suggs size, not Will Witherspoon). The only deviation might be for BJ Raji…otherwise, you can ignore the speculation about CB, or WR, or QB or safety. Mike wants to set a tone…no prima donnas. Just smash mouth.

  2. Daniel Says:

    how can you say a defensive lineman is a sure bust????? Do you remember anything about the Reggie Bush and Mario Williams Saga???? Mario Williams was a “sure bust” after the first year too. You can not judge defensive linemen on their first year in the league.

    I’m not saying you will ultimately be wrong, but the reasons for you saying he is a bust after his first year is just preposterous.

  3. hookedonniners Says:


    I didn’t say Balmer was a “sure bust”, but after his year one “performance”, he’s headed that way, in my opionion. I just don’t think he has NFL game, and most importantly, NFL mentality. Why would the Niners have DE/DL as a super high priority for the upcoming draft if last year’s #1 had so much potential? I also suggested that 2009 would a pivotal year for Balmer under Singletary’s full time watch. But, I’ll tell you this, I hope I am DEAD wrong, and that Balmer turns out to be a real contributor to the Niners. Thanks very much for your comments. Keep them coming.


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