Hayes to HOF over Reed and Carter?

951 catches, 13,198 yards receiving, 87 touchdowns……that’s Andre Reed’s “line” during his 16 year NFL career. Then there’s an even more impressive 1,101 catches, 13,899 receiving yards, and 130 trips to the end zone by Chris Carter during his similar 16 year career. Both these stellar receivers were on the 2009 NFL Hall of Fame ballot and neither was selected. But a wide receiver was, and that was former Dallas Cowboy, Bob Hayes. Oh……the “Bullet’s” numbers? 371 catches, 7414 receiving yards, and 71 touchdowns scored. Mr. Hayes played 11 years in the NFL. All I can say about the above is ………………….”huh?”


Sure, Bob Hayes was also an accomplished punt return man and did have a higher yard per catch average than either Reed or Carter, but his overall body of work can’t compare with either of theirs. We all know that Bob Hayes captured the gold medal in the 100 meters at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and anchored the U.S.’s gold medal winning 4X100 meter but what does that have to do with anything related to the NFL? Well, maybe not directly, but many think Bob Hayes changed the game with his amazing speed that was developed and nurtured on the track. That speed changed NFL defenses, some suggest.  Hayes did play football at Florida A&M, so he “really” wasn’t just a track guy.


It sure seems that Hayes’ overall circumstance swayed HOF voters to elect him, including the fact that he is no longer with us.  Hayes has also been hall eligible for much longer than either Reed or Carter. I would think that both will be “in” at some point in time with Carter being a “lock” in my opinion, and Reed being a pretty good bet. Still, I just was pretty taken back when Bob Hayes was selected over both of them this time ‘round. In fact, I was pretty shocked to see Hayes get summoned to Canton at all. I always thought he’d be a “close” guy, much like I feel unfortunately; about the Niners own Roger Craig.















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