I want the Cardinals to win

I want the Cardinals to win so Pittsburgh will not have more Super Bowl trophies than the Niners. I want the Cardinals to win because they are in the NFC West, a conference that was scoffed at in ’08. I want the Cardinals to win because I like their uniforms better than the Steelers’ ones.  But most of all, I want the Cardinals to win because they are a truly  a Cinderella Story, and one of the best such stories in recent memory.  The Bidwell family has owned the team for what, about three million years, and they have won exactly nothing. There were some OK teams in St. Louis, but sadly, no rings nor trophies.  Since moving to Phoenix, the team hasn’t exactly been an NFL juggernaut.

The 2008 Cardinals finished the year at 9-7, with one of those wins being a very special gift from the Niners. This is also a team that lost to the New York Giants 37-29, the Philadelphia Eagles 48-20, the Minnesota Vikings 35-14, and the New England Patriots 47-7, in the second half of the ’08 season. But boy oh boy, are they on a nice roll now. Goodbye Atlanta Falcons, goodbye Carolina Panthers,  goodbye Philadelphia Eagles, and the demons of the desert are going to the Super Bowl. Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it any better.

The Cardinals are playing terrific on the offensive side of the ball.  Kurt Warner has truly “risen like the Phoenix” and once again is playing with the same sort of magic he did with the Rams.  Larry Fitzgerald is catching everything that is remotely thrown in his direction. The “Edge” has apparently turned  his frown upside down, and is not only getting the ball more, but producing accordingly. Rookie 5th round draft pick Tim Hightower has been a big contributor as well.  The O-line has been superb throughout the playoffs

But it’s been the inspired Cardinal defense that has been so unexpectly solid in the playoffs. This has been the  primary reason they are still standing in my opinion.  Yah, they bent in the second half of the Phily game, but did not break.  The Cardinals  have done a great job against the run in all three playoff games, and there’s no reason to think they can’t to the same against the Steelers. But Pittsburgh is favored, and they should be. They have been more consistent overall this year, and have a defense that can certainly win them their sxith Super Bowl.

But, the ‘Nals appear to have some little angels on their shoulder pads right now, and I hope those angels hang around for the weeekend,  and Kurt and Company are holding the Lombardi Trophy this coming Sunday.  And besides, don’t we all want to hear that he’s “going to Disneyland?” Sure we do.



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