Lets Bring In More Gray Beards

So, the Niners are interviewing Dan Reeves for offensive coordinator.  No problem here.  He certainly knows offense and has been successful at other stops along the way.  He might also be a good confidant for rookie coach, Mike Singletary.  Probably most of all, I doubt Reeves is looking at head coaching pastures at this point.  While we are bringing in “veteran” talent, how about another guy that could pass for an airline pilot: Dick Vermeil.  The call here is to give him an office, an admin, a decent salary and let him be a consultant to young Mr. Jed York.  York seems like a very charismatic and intelligent guy, but having a seasoned sort at his side would be invaluable.  I know York has his uncle, Ed DeBartolo as a resource, but Vermeil has seen it all and done it all as a “football guy” and would be the perfect ear for York.  Plus, Vermeil is from the area (Calistoga) and has family here.  And like most of us a little long of tooth, the gentle climate is good for the soul and the bones.



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