Niners O-Coordinator

With the news that former Rams head man Scott Linehan has turned down the Niners and Mike Singletary to be their next offensive coordinator after interviewing twice, and taking up a lot of cycles with the team, lets hope Coach Singletary didn’t do a “ready, fire, aim” in terminating Mike Martz so abruptly.  A lot of pundits felt Linehan was Singletary’s choice the whole time to replace Martz, and it looked like that would come to fruition. It didn’t, and now the Niners are O-Coordinatorless, and it’s not visibly clear who will surface as “the guy”, as Singletary likes to put it.

I actually thought Martz did a fine job as the OC under Singletary when the new coach demanded a more balanced run-pass attack, as opposed to the pass dominated offense that Martz used with J.T. O’Sullivan and with the other teams he’s been associated with.  Singletary’s explanation for excusing Martz was that he (Martz) did not share the same offensive football philosophy that he (Singletary) did, and he (Singletary) wanted to find “the guy” who did.

I am of the mind set that if Singletary wanted run first, smash mouth, in-your face, beat your man one-on-one football from his OC, he should have explored with Martz if that was a viable option for his skills and desires before just cutting him loose. Personally, I think Singetary fired Martz because he was not comfortable with Martz’s personal style, and that he truly wanted to pick his own “guy” for the job. Fine and damn dandy, but just say so.

After seven offensive coordinators in seven years, the Niners have the proverbial “elephant in the room” to make the right call for number eight.  I honestly and truly hope that “guy” is still out there and can come in and have a major impact in helping  the Niners continue the positive trends that we’ve seen since Mike Singletary took the reigns of the team. If that doesn’t happen, the firing of Mike Martz might loom as a very, very, questionable decision.



3 Responses to “Niners O-Coordinator”

  1. Tim Sheldon Says:

    I also liked Mike Martz and think that he could have compromised with Singletary.

  2. Adrian Wood Says:

    I have to disagree. Ever since surfacing as OC at the Rams, I have been appalled by one single aspect of Martz as a coach: his inability to manage the clock. Go back and watch old Rams/Lions games (particularly his use of timeouts), then look at the end of the Cards game this year and it will become apparent that Martz (for all his undoubted talent as a playcaller) has no sense of how to work with the time, particularly at the end of halves.
    If I was the Niners HC, I really dont think I would entrust my offence to someone like that, even if they struggle to get another ‘qualified’OC to replace him.

  3. hookedonniners Says:

    While I agree somewhat with MN and Tim, I think the bottom line was that they were smply at a philosophical impass.


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