One that got away………

I was looking at’s 2009 All-Pro Team the other day, and saw a familiar name. That name was Harvey Dahl.  The 27 year old, 6’5″, 310 lb offensive lineman from Nevada-Reno, was on’s first team offensive line. Dahl was signed by the Falcons from the Niners practice squad in 2007, and was basically inactive in ’07.  He was with the Niners as an active roster player in 2006 and was allocated by the Niners, and played in NFL Europe, in 2005.  The “new” Falcons gave him a chance to play in 2008, and he responded big time. Reported to be a real “nasty player” (as in very, very tough, not dirty), Dahl was heavily involved in paving the way for Michael Tuner. I guess the Dahl story displays how tough it is for teams to evaluate players, and get it “right” most of  the time. This was a skill that Bill Walsh and John McVay possessed, and it paid such incredible dividends over their tenure.  While the Niners were busy signing Jonas Jennings and Larry Allen, and drafting a bunch of Offensive Linemen in the past three years (Staley, Bass, Snyder, Rachal, Wallace), they might have had an All-Pro right there on their team. Oh well, better luck “next time.”



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