Mays stays, wrecks Juricich’s day

My colleague on Hooked on the Niners, Mitch Juricich, was in a major funk on January 14th when he learned that USC All American Safety Taylor Mays announced he was returning to the men of Troy for his senior season. Mitch REALLY wanted the Niners to pick Mays in this years NFL Draft, and put this super high potential impact Safety in the Niner defensive backfield. He has mentioned to me on many occasions how opposing Quarterbacks always wanted to know and see where Ronnie Lott was before they handled the snap. Same with Jack Tatum, when he played for the Raiders. Both were such high impact play makers that they were instrumental in virtually every play from scrimmage. I responded that opposing Quarterbacks now want to know where Mark Roman is, so they can exploit him, as happened on way to many occasions this season. Thus, I was a Taylor Mays guy too. 6’3″, 235 lbs,  an intimidating hitter, and the fastest player on the USC squad. I look at Safeties  like Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, Brain Dawkins, and Bob Sanders and see what kind of difference they make on their defensive teams. The Niners desperately need a player like that, and hopefully one will come along soon. The aforementioned Mr. Roman needs to move on to life after football in my opinion, so next year will be pivotal for the Niners at Safety, perhaps more so now with Mays’ announcement.

On other “announcement” fronts, I guessed that Oklahoma Quarterback Sam Bradford would return to Norman for his junior year, and he announced on the 14th that he would do just that. I also guessed that USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez would stay at USC to get another year of starting experience. That prognostication appears to have been 100% wrong, as it now seems certain that Sanchez will announce his intention to leave USC to go play on Sunday. Personally, I think Sanchez is a nice player, but an NFL level starting Quarterback talent? As they say in Missouri……………”show me.”  But, I can see Sanchezs’ handlers “advising” him that Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, and Sam Bradford are all staying in college, you just had a great game in the Rose Bowl, and you’re almost 100% certain to be a number one draft pick. It’s time to bid adieu to those beautiful USC cheer leaders and make the big bucks. Don’t worry though, the Niners won’t pick Sanchez with their first pick. Whew!



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