How pathetic!!!!

After a record setting 6 straight seasons with 11 or more losses, the “Greatness of the Raiders” has recently begin to heavily market a DVD of their Super Bowl victories in 1977, 1981, and 1984 (played after the ’76, ’80 and ’83 seasons).  Kind of like marketing pictures of yourself  that are over 25 years old, on an on-line dating service, and hoping some hot woman or man will give you a call. Say what you will about the hapless Detroit Lions, but for my hard earned money, the Raiders have unequivocally become the worst franchise in the National Football League. Al Davis is completely lost in past glories, and thinks somehow that putting on that silver and black today is going to magically resurrect the successes  that were achieved over a quarter a century ago. So here are the Raiders, once again poised to hire yet another head coach that will become Uncle Al’s puppet, make another dumb first round draft pick, and sign another crop of washed-up free agents.  When Niner fans criticize the Yorks for their management of the the ball club, I always think…… could be a lot worse. Just look across San Francisco Bay and thank the football gods that you’re not a Raider faithful.



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