No Quarterback controversy in ’09 draft?

Two of the top college QB’s (on paper),  have announced they will return to their fine institutions for ’09. They are Colt McCoy of Texas, and Tim Tebow of Florida. I think Mark Sanchez will also return to USC for another year of seasoning, and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford has yet to declare. Here again, my guess is that after the national championship loss to Florida, he’ll be inclined to stay in Norman for his junior year, and give it another title shot. If all these guesses come to fruition, then only Matt Stafford of Georgia (who has declared) will have his name out there as a probable first rounder on April 25th. Some  “mock draft experts” (now there’s an oxymoron), feel the Bulldog signal caller will be the first overall pick in the ’09 draft to your Detroit Lions. Others think he’s a big question mark, and not as NFL ready as Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco was in ’08.  If Stafford is indeed the only QB standing with number one level talent, teams will have to do some re-thinking about their draft strategy, especially those who would be in the market for a QB. After Jake Delhomme’s performance in the NFC playoff game agaisnt the Cardinals, Carolina could certainly be one of those teams. But, NFL draft strategy seems to be changing significantly in recent years with less “glamour players” being drafted high and more “infrastructure players” taking their place high up on the draft boards. Look no further than the 2008 draft to see an example of this.  Of the 31 first round selections last year, only 8 “skill position” players went in the first round, and that generously included a tight end. 8 offensive tackles were taken in round one, along with 6 defensive linemen. It’s clear most NFL teams (except for the Detroit Lions) know where games are won and lost. I would look for a similar pattern in the 2009 NFL Draft with the “big uglies” coming off the board early in significant numbers, and the glitz and glam guys being in the minority.



4 Responses to “No Quarterback controversy in ’09 draft?”

  1. VANiner Says:

    Given that the Lions and Rams desperately need LT’s. Given the Lion’s aversion to paying the top dollar bonuses for a QB. And considering, Cleveland, Green Bay, Cincy, Seatle, Oakland and Jacksonvill have their QB’s. If Kansas City does not select a QB at pick 3, then Stafford could fall to number 10.

    What would you do? Draft Stafford at pick 10? Or listen to trade offers.

  2. MN Says:

    It would seem to me that the Lions should trade out of the number one, given all the needs they have, and their atricious draft history under Matt M. They need picks, and lots of them. Maybe a team like Carolina does jump up and snag Stafford? I think Minneosta also might be QB shopping? Maybe even the Rams are ready to pull the trigger and move Bulger aside, although I agree with you they also have so many other needs. I honestly can’t see Stafford not going really high in this draft. You know the love affiar NFL Teams have with QB’s.

  3. 49erinID Says:

    I cannot imagine the Niners picking Stafford- he simply is not worthy of a 1st Round Pick-period!

  4. hookedonniners Says:

    VANiner, you bring up a FABULOUS question! Would I take Stafford at pick 10? No, I would not. I think Hill is the guy for right now and we could probably get a qb in a lower round where many of the top ones come from. Instead, if Stafford fell to us, I would palce a call to the Philadelphia Eagles. Eventhough McNab play well down the stretch and the team owner said that both he and Andy Reia would be back, there has been talk of his departure. If Staffor was available and we cam calling, the question then becomes: Would they give up their two first round picks for our #1 and perhaps a swap of #2’s. That would give us three picks in the top 60 instead of two in the top 45. With this not being a great QB year, we could address DE, S and OL and come up ready for a qb next year.


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