With the 10th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft….

The San Francisco 49ers select Taylor Mays, Safety, University of Southern California. That would be a nice sentence to hear in late April from New York City.  I personally wouldn’t also mind hearing………….Brian Orakpo, Defensive End, University of Texas.  There’s a decent chance that one, or both of these players, will be available when the Niners exercise their pick at number ten. The Niners also need to draft an Offensive Tackle, but Safety and Pass Rusher are currently the most acute needs in this writer’s opinion. Both Mays and Orakpo are from ultra big time programs and both have been dominant against the highest level of college competition.  If the Niners did pick Orakpo first, a Safety would need to be picked later, but their “might” be a couple of other options. I still would like to see what Dashon Goldston can do when he is totally healthy. He seems to have a nose for the football and hits big. Another option might be to look at Shawntae Spencer as a Safety? Spencer is a big guy at 6’1″ and over 200 pounds, and can make plays. Who knows, maybe the Niners have another Merton Hanks in Spencer? Hanks was drafted as a Corner and played there for a bit of time before finding his true home at Safety, where he became an All-Pro. The proverbial “they” also suggest that 2008 3rd round pick Reggie Smith from Oklahoma might be better suited to play Safety than Corner in the NFL, but to date, he hasn’t displayed the ability to be NFL ready at all. The draft speculation will really begin to heat up after the Super Bowl and it will be fun following this and seeing and hearing what all the “mock experts” have to say. One thing is for sure, the Niners need to pull off a much better draft than they did in 2008.  They also need to get a big dose of help from there number one pick, something that has been very volatile in so many past years. With the exceptions of Patrick Willis,  Joe Staley, and Julian Peterson, take a journey through these first rounders since 1997.  Kentwan Balmer, Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson, Alex Smith, Rashaun Woods, Kwame Harris, Mike Rumph, Andre Carter, Ahmed Plummer, Reggie McGrew, R.W. McQuarters and Jim Druckenmiller. Let’s all say it together……………………OUCH!



5 Responses to “With the 10th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft….”

  1. VaNiner Says:

    Pick number 10 is way too high for Taylor Mays. If as predicted a boat load of juniors declare for this draft, a number of top rated seniors will fall to pick 10. For example, left tackle Eugene Monroe might be around at pick 10. Either Brian Orapko or Tyson Jackson would be available at pick 10. But, neither of these two players are a sure shot like Eugene Monroe.

    Can’t see Spencer as a safety with his history of injuries. If you want a safety in late first to third rounds, check out Chancellor of Virginia Tech.

  2. joe Says:

    I definantly belive that safety should be our top priority with the 10th pick, but to choose from taylor mays, moore and rolle, is a very hard choice. they to me seem to be the top choices, but which of them is the smartist, badist, hard hitting mofo that would actually be the best fit for us. Free safety is the hardest position to fill, and the biggest need that nearly every team overlooks. We should take another look at Darnel Bing and Michael Huff during free agency before the draft, either one of those and then we could use our first pick for Mount Cody the NT out of Alabama or the LG Duke Robinson out of Oklahomha, and as for free agency dream sheets, RT jordan Gross from the panthers and we can easily afford Asomugha from the Raiders with still over 25 mil in cap space

  3. MN Says:

    Virtually every mock draft site has Mays going in the 10-15 pick range. But you may be right, it’s just someone’s opinion. Mays is 6’3″, 235 lbs, and runs a 4.28 forty. He’s a “freak.” As you probably saw in the Rose Bowl against Penn State he is a vicious hitter who is always around the ball. An intimidating player without question, and just the type of player Singletary wants. It will sure be interesting to see how this all plays out. Thanks for your “intelligent” comments………….

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  5. hookedonniners Says:

    VANiner–Just my two cents worth, but I humbly reply that Taylor Mays will prove worthy of having been the first player picked in the draft, period. While its a moot point now, he, to me, was what the Niners really needed: an “almost” Roonnie Lott. Chancellor we might be able to get in later rounds, butr you are right, he looks pretty good.

    Joe– as for Darnell Bing and Michael Huff, I guess there’s a reason why all of the teams in the NFL have seemingly turned a deaf ear toward them. Coming out, I thought they were both wonderful players. As for Mount Cody, he sure does seem to be the prototype nose tackle, doesn’t he? I don’t think he’s coming out though. Duke Robinson’s draft status took a huge hit in the loss to Florida as he got manhandled by the Gators. As for Asomugha, I would be delighted to chip in if the Niners are a Little short.

    Thanks for the comments guys and stay in touch.

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