Happy Holiday’s from Hooked on the Niners

On behalf of the Hooked on the Niners team, we want to wish everyone, and specifically those fans on 49ers Paradise,  and in the Niner Empire, a healthy and happy Holiday Season and most excellent 2009. We especially want to thank the commander and chief of  the ‘Dise,  Bryan H. for being so incredibly supportive and helpful to our efforts. He has not only provided us a forum on his wonderful site, but provided us invaluable advice in any number of areas. We also especially want to thank Joe Leonor of the Niner Empire for being a great friend and collaborator. Joe and the NE has been shoulder to shoulder with us throughout the 08 season, and we couldn’t appreciate it more.  Lastly, a major shout out to Mark Oyao for being a terrific friend and supporter of HOTN as well.

I know you all have your Niner wish list for Santa secretly stashed away. Here’s mine.

>Hire Mike Singletary as the permanent Head Coach

>Get Mike Martz to stick around

>Get someone very competent on board to help with the draft

>Draft a Pass Rusher and a Safety very high in 2009

>Ask Brent Jones to help Vernon Davis become a real Tight End

>Assure Patrick Willis and Frank Gore are not riding any motorcylces during the off season

>Get Bryant Young re-involed with the team in some capacity

>Have Shaun Hill throw a million balls in the off-season to Jason Hill, Dominique Zeigler, Josh Morgan and the aformentioned Mr. Davis

>Have a nice going away party for Jonas Jennings and Barry Sims

Again, have a wonderful Holiday season, and let’s look forward to a great 2009 for the Niners and for all of you and your families.

Very Sincerely,

Mark Naismith, on behalf of the HOTN Team

For more on the Niners, please visit us at www.hookedontheniners.com


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