Shaun Hill, Mr. Calm………..

OK, admit it, were any of you kinda leaning toward wanting J.T.O. back on the field after Shaun Hill’s third pick against the Rams? The TV announcers “suggested” that maybe the Niners were considering this move?  Man, was he (Hill), stinking the place out! The worst game, make that  three quarters, of his starting tenure, for sure. But, what always strikes me about Shaun Hill is his demeanor and composure. Even after making a handful of mistakes, he walked off the field and convened with Martz and subsequently Singletary, without displaying stress, emotion, hostility, or any outwardly observable excuses.  Contrast this to Alex Smith when something went wrong. He immediately went into the “hang dog” , I screwed up mode, and frequently this carried over to his subsequent play, producing continued poor results.  Carrying around emotional baggage when trying to execute in sport is dangerous territory. Shaun Hill doesn’t seem to have this propensity what-so-ever.  And boy, did that show up against the Rams. He went back on the back in the fourth quarter liked nothing previous (good or bad) had occured, and started completing pass after pass. Two of them wound up in the hands of Isaac Bruce and Josh Morgan in the end-zone, and waa-la, the Niners left St. Louis with a very dramatic victory. It was almost like the Niners of old where they beat a lot of inferior teams by slim margins, but last time I checked, a win is a win, and a loss is a loss.


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