Miami loss

Once the emotion of the game had drained away, it became crystal clear what the difference between the Niners and the Miami Dolphins is. These are two teams that were so far on the bottom of the barrel last year that  there didn’t seem to be much hope of emerging anytime soon. But, both have, indeed. The Niners have gone from being a complete doormat, to a team that has been competitive, EVERY single week, in 2008. The Dolphins have done better. They have gone from the laughing stock of the league, to a playoff team. Do the Dolphins have overall better talent than the Niners? That would be a close call, but I’ll go with……. no. Do the Dolphins play way more error free football than the Niners?  They most certainly do. In fact, the Dolphins lead the entire NFL  in not surrendering turnovers.  They played another very solid and conservative football game against the Niners, wating for the inevitable mistakes the Niners would make (and there was a hand full of them) and capitalized accordingly.  The Niners are a work in process, and that process is certainly more appetizing than it has been in recent years. But, they need to really need to work hard, really hard, on not giving their opponents so many gratuitous opportunities. As was the case in the Miami game, and others this year, that “generosity” led to a loss


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One Response to “Miami loss”

  1. aznaizzy Says:

    Maybe the difference is the Dolphins have a very very good QB and an executive vice president of football operations that knows what he’s doing. The addition of Chad Pennington and Bill Parcells has made a major difference in Dolphins from being in the bottom of the barrel to playoff contenders. Maybe the Niner’s should pay attention to those moves and make some changes.

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