It would sure appear……

That the Niners have a Head Coach, and a starting Quarterback, heading in to 2009.  Both Mike Singletary and Shaun Hill have totally exceeded expectations and shown they are battle ready.  It would be a total shock if Niner management didn’t give Singletary the job full time. If they don’t,  I think his players would storm the York compound in Youngstown. And Shaun Hill…..”The Cinderella Story.” Boy, he doesn’t look all that pretty, but the dude is “ice” under fire and just plain getting it done.  This has been a amazing ride when a few short weeks ago we were looking at Mike Nolan and J.T. O’Sullivan.  I think it’s a statement of the obvious that the Niners need to continue to build on the success and continuity that they have established, especially in the last two weeks with the wins over Buffalo and the Jets.  Not having to look for a new Head Coach and starting QB will be a real nice thing “not” to have to do, in the post season. It also will open up the draft circumstance for the Niners, and not force them into pulling the trigger early for a college QB (although I definitely think they should take a QB in the ’09 draft).  So, a  big salute to Messrs. Singletary and Hill for really starting to turn the ship around. And this is a ship that has been headed in the wrong direction for too many years.


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