Roger Craig chances for the HOF?

With only five modern era players eligible for each HOF class, the class of 2009 is going to be very  competitive, as most all are. I think Roger Craig is gonna have a real tough time getting his bronze bust this time around. Two 2009 nominees are slam dunks in my opinion, Bruce Smith and Chris Carter. With three maximum available slots then open, Craig will be battling such names as Andre Reed, Rod Woodson, Dermontti Dawson, Derrick Thomas, Richard Dent, Mr. Five Super Bowl Rings himself, Charles Haley, and others of note.  I like Woodson’s and Reed’s chances of getting elected, and there always seems to be one from from “the trenches” in every class.  Don’t get me wrong, I love RC and think he was one of the most versatile backs to ever play in the NFL.  I do hope he makes the Hall, but I don’t think it will be this time around. One player who has been eligible for a while, but has not been elected, is former Raider, Ray Guy. This surprises a lot of folks, and I would count myself among them. Guy revolutionized the punting game, truly turning into a formidable defensive weapon. He was a major contributor to the Raiders success during the Madden years. Good luck to all the 2009 NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees.


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