Cassel mania……….

The local Bay Area talk show waves have been really heating up suggesting the Niners should try hard to get Cassel into a Niner uniform next year. Cassel has finally got his chance on center stage after sitting behind two Heisman winners at USC, and Mr. All World, one Tom Brady, in New England. After back-to-back 400 yard passing games (the first time that’s been done since 2004) and a very successful stint leading the Patriots, Cassel is certainly going to be an ultra-hot free agent prospect.  First of all, why wouldn’t the Patriots try and lock him up for the big bucks? The importance of #2 QB’s has never been more relevant that what we’ve seen this year. Kerry Collins @ Tennessee, Brady Quinn @ Cleveland, Gus Frerotte @ Minnesota, and our own Shaun Hill, with the Niners. Neither Jeff Garcia nor Kurt Warner entered the pre-season as probable starters for their teams either. But Cassel may not want to continue sitting and waiting again and bolt for that starter’s role and money. I guess I’d be a little careful though if I were a Cassel suitor. Sure, he’s having a terrific year, but look who he plays “with”, and plays “for.” The Patriots have arguably the best offensive line in the NFL, and also have guys named Moss and Welker to catch the ball. Then there’s the bizarre mastermind Bill Belichick running the team with the “as-usual” precision and success. Cassel couldn’t have been in a better situation when his turn finally came. The whole situation with the Niners QB position will be a very, very interesting one, going forward into 2009. Can Shaun Hill really show that he is an NFL starter? Is Alex Smith still in the picture? Will the Niners make a run at one of the FA’s like Cassel or Derek Anderson? And then there’s the upcoming draft with probable names like Tim Tebow, Matt Stafford, Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, and perhaps Mark Sanchez. We’ll see. won’t we……………….


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One Response to “Cassel mania……….”

  1. aznaizzy Says:

    I agree, why would The Pats get rid of Cassel? I see no good reason, especially with Brady not 100% and not proven he will be ready for the ’09 season. I think someone is dreaming if they think the Niner’s will get Matt Cassell away from New England.
    I would think you would want an experienced QB to get instant results and help with Hill and Smith’s maturation. So if we are speculating why not Jeff Garcia, Kerry Collins or even Kurt Wagner all ’09 free agents. I think Derek Anderson resigned with Cleveland so no help there and drafting inexperienced QB’s right out of college is not the answer either.
    All in all pretty difficult decisions are to be made about the Niner’s QB position and I am glad I don’t have to make it.

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