I can see it all now…….

Okay, we didn’t win the game against Dallas, and yes, there is no such thing as a moral victory. However, several things became crystal clear during this game, in my opinion. Before the next game starts, here are the ideas from a “Sunday Couch Potato” perspective:

1- Mike Singletary is the guy to lead the team on the field. The team played hard to the last whistle and they were truly only a couple of plays away from really being in this game. I think of a professional football coach as a leader and I think Singletary is just that.

2- The players needed to fill the voids are the following, in order
*Quarterback- As stated before, I think that Shaun Hill has proven to be an “excellent” NFL back-up, and if you don’t think that is important, look at the varying degrees of success with teams like the Patriots, Titans and Cowboys. The team needs someone to be the leader on the field and someone to be able to open up the offense.
*Pass Rusher- We can’t just let opposing quarterbacks sit back and look over the field. Someone has to strike fear in the opposing offense.
Editors note: Don’t bring up this subject at any holiday parties where Mark Naismith might be hanging around the buffet.
*Hard Hitting Safety- Someone has to make opposing wide receivers keep their head on a swivel. Run stuffing abilities would be nice to see on the resume’ as well.
*Offensive Lineman- A franchise left tackle would be just what the doctor ordered, and may be available with the Niner’s first pick. This would allow Joe Staley, who has been terrific on the left side, to move to the right and give the Niners two top notch players on the edges. This move would also give the Niners very strong depth.

*Wide Receiver- A deep threat to spread the field would draw coverage and thereby make Frank Gore’s life a little less miserable. Here’s a observation: Don’t pick one in the first round.

3-We need someone in the front office to put it all together. Mike Holmgren’s name keeps surfacing and he would be the obvious, popular pick. I think Dick Vermeil, if he wanted a front office job, would also be fabulous.

Now, where’s the remote?


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