Chilo Rachal to start?

It appears that Coach Mike Singletary is  “this” close to naming Rachal a starter for the Cowboy game. This would be the second O-line decision Singletary has made since taking over as Head Coach. The other was installing David Baas as a starter. A line of Snyder, Rachal, Heitmann, Baas, and Staley might just be the unit that the Niners have been looking for, for years.  Young, excellent size, and all, eager to play. If this is the “unit of the future”, they really have to play together, and learn each other, as all excellent OL’s have done. Snyder, Heitmann, Baas, and Staley have been together for three games now, and it seems to have produced better results each week. Rachal, at 6’4″, 315 pounds clearly has the physical size to be a dominant lineman, and his “USC experience” surely helped prepare him for the NFL.  A number of Rachal’s USC line brethren have already become starters in the NFL. Sam Baker for the Falcons, Deuce Lutui for the Cardinals and Ryan Kalil for the Panthers, are examples. Hopefully Chilo Rachal will join that group and become a long term and very productive lineman for the Niners. An opportunity to start and play against the Cowboy defense this weekend is a very good place to start.


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