Any chance against the Cowboys?

I say there is………………here’s how. Frank Gore needs to handle the ball 30+ times, 25 on the ground, and 5 in the air. The O-Line has to block for him and “move the chains”, “move the chains”, keeping Romo and Co. off the field. Dallas has the 9th ranked defense in the NFL to date, but they are giving up over 100 rushing yards per game, and close to 23 opponent points per game. They are certainly not invincible to the Niners offense. The one guy that the Niners are also gonna have to try and handle is DeMarcus Ware, Dallas’ super-stud defensive DE/LB. He’s one of the best in the business, and very disruptive on defense.  Shaun Hill, aka “Mr. Calm”, is going to have to take what the Dallas D will give him, and I think he’s resourceful enough to do that. This is a big game for the Niners against a very good Dallas team who needs a win to stay in their division race. Give them a hearty and healthy dose of #21, and who knows what might happen this coming Sunday.


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