Easy solution to Niners press box problems

Don’t know the down and distance? Don’t know how many time outs are left? Don’t know when to challenge a play, or not? Yes, all things the Niner “eyes in the sky” have screwed up, on many occasions, this year (and in prior years for that matter). The solution is quite simple really. Excuse all the goof balls that are making, or have made these calls, and replace them with someone who really knows and understands the game in real terms……..for example, ex-Niner Quarterback Steve Bono. Think Mr. Bono would have made better calls than what we have seen in the past? Ah……………..yes.  And, would he be willing to do this work and accept this responsibility? The answer is absolutely affirmative.


For more on the Niners, please visit us at www.hookedontheniners.com


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