Allen Rossum’s BIG Opening . . . Kickoff Return!

In case you were wondering, when Allen Rossum took the opening kickoff all the way back for a touchdown against Arizona on Monday Night Football, November 10th, he joined a select club in SF 49ers history as only the fifth player to ever return an opening kick for a TD . . . and to top that off, he became only the second Niner to ever do so in an opponent’s stadium . . . in total, the feat has been accomplished ONLY six times by JUST five players in team history – home or away.

Rossum joins Abe WoodsonVic Washington (who did it twice), Carl Monroe and Cedrick Wilson in that elite club . . . and Allen’s was the longest of all of them at 104 yards . . . here they are: 

Abe Woodson, 103 yards vs. Minnesota, September 15th, 1963 — Minnesota won, 45-14.

Vic Washington, 98 yards vs. New Orleans, October 22nd, 1972 — Game ended in a 20-20 tie.

Vic Washington, 97 yards vs. Dallas, December 23rd, 1972 — Dallas won the playoff game, 30-28.

Carl Monroe, 95 yards at Washington, December 1st, 1985 — SF won, 35-8.

Cedrick Wilson, 95 yards vs. St. Louis, November 2nd, 2003 — SF won, 30-10.

Allen Rossum, 104 yards at Arizona, November 10th, 2008 — Arizona won, 29-24.

— JayDUb


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