Sometimes, I think of dumb stuff……

          Ever find yourself just having random thoughts jump into your head?  For example:


·        Vernon Davis needs to join the Marines.

·        Why doesn’t Jed York Google “Clock Management Seminars” and enroll his entire staff?

·        The only thing worse than a fullback dive at the end of a game with no time outs and your best player flanked left is the time I had to take my cousin to the prom!  Thank God he didn’t want to dance.

·        Does Jonas Jennings travel with the team?

·        I can’t even remember the name of the defensive back we drafted from Oklahoma this year.  Is he still with us?

·        Why are there no seat belts on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise?

·        I guess the good thing is the Niners will have a real shot at drafting Trevor Mays, the hard-hitting safety from USC.

·        I guess the really good thing is if the Lions get hot, the Niners will have a shot at drafting anyone they want!

·        How long until pitchers and catchers report?

·        With Coach Singletary hugging his 2-7 players at the drop of hat, I’m guessing we’ll see full, open mouth kisses when they get good?

·        How can the Niners sneak their kick-return and field goal block teams on the field more?

·        With Americans having our first president of color, could a Niner sack be just around the corner?

·        If the game is blacked out this weekend and the Rams fall to the Niners does that mean no one will hear it?  (This one doesn’t really make sense, huh?)

·        If Joe Montana or Steve Young was the quarterback and a fullback dive was sent in for the last play of the game, how fast do you think they would have flashed half the ‘Peace Sign’ to the sidelines?

·        The Niners will probably have to win out to get a wild card spot in the playoffs.  Now that’s dumb stuff!



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