One of the ten danger signals of becoming……

an old fart, which I think I qualify for, is getting cranky when players diss the colleges that gave them rides (both scholarships, and in many cases, “real” rides), and the stages on which to show their wares to NFL teams. In last night’s Phily-New York Giant game, when the starting line-ups for each team where visually introduced, the players announced their name, and the college they played at. Of the 44 players who did this, 41 said the normal thing, name and school. One player announced he was from THE University of Texas, a little barb at THE Ohio State University, I guess? Another told the audience he was from “The-U”, the acronym for Miami (Fl.). These were OK. What wasn’t OK in my opinion, was rookie WR DeSean Jackson from Cal saying…….DeSean Jackson, Long Beach Poly (the high school he went to). I thought that was (a.) very immature and (b.) a total diss to the University of California, where Jackson had a pretty good run during the last three years. I still wish like hell the Niners would have drafted Jackson, but that’s another story……….


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2 Responses to “One of the ten danger signals of becoming……”

  1. VANiner Says:

    Jackson’s immaturity is the “point”. Too many players come to league with attitude or egos that extend beyond their abilities or prevent them from reaching their full potential. Jackson has yet to prove that he a player in this league.

    20-20 being hindsight, I would say the player the Niner’s missed out on is Eddie Royal who went to the Broncos from Virginia Tech. The future Niner receiving corp could have been two former Hokies: Royal and Morgan!

  2. aznaizzy Says:

    Guess maybe Jackson gave props to LB Poly and not Cal is because he graduated from Long Beach Poly and not from Cal.

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