Is Alex Smith back in the picture?

We had ex-Niner quarterback Steve Bono on our local TV show the other night, and Mitch Juricich asked him to answer in one word, if Alex Smith “was resurrectable?” Bono emphatically responded, “YES!” Not that this would happen this year, as Smith is on IR and will not play, but what about next year? General Manager Scott McCloughan has publically stated that if Smith is not our starter next year, he will be released. Unless Shaun Hill does some miracle work in the second half of the season,  I would guess there would some serious competition for the starting Niner QB in ’09, unless they make a deal for an established veteran?  So for now, imagine training camp opens next year and J.T.O is still on the roster, and so is Shaun Hill. Why wouldn’t Alex Smith be right there competing for the starting job? I can’t imagine that J.T.O would be able to re-gain the starter’s mantle, this year, or next. That should leave Hill and Smith to battle it out, a scenario that we all thought would happen this year, until it was discovered that Smith was still injured. I just can’t see the Niners chucking the first pick overall in the 2005 NFL Draft overboard so easily. Let’s hope Steve Bono was right with his prediction, and that Alex can be resurrected and be a very viable competitor for the starting job in 2009.



3 Responses to “Is Alex Smith back in the picture?”

  1. Darius Says:

    The only way this happens is if Smith takes a tremendous pay cut to an NFL minimum salary. Also, I fully expect he will not only be competiting with Hill but with a high 2009 draft pick as well.

  2. joe gomez Says:

    The ship has already sailed buddy. 4 years is enough torture for all 49ers fans. Hes a bust, there is no question. He will be lucky to land a backup role with another team. Never should of wasted a #1 overall on him. 1) He came from a weak WAC offense and played against weak opponents 2) he has no real touch on the ball 3) Never played under center college 4) Has no leadership traits, notice how he always hangs his head when things arent going right 5) I wouldnt trust that surgury repaired shoulder again after hurting it so many times, proves hes fragile


  3. mike Says:

    its logical that he’ll take a pay cut to stay-if Singletary wants him. He does have factors in his favor: 1) the dearth of qbs in the nfl; 2) a weak qb draft that may not see a qb drafted in the first 2 rounds; 3) Singletary’s preference for game management. Smith knows how to manage a game, unlike jto, and has a superior arm to shawn hill; 4) i hear that there are some people in the locker room that still respect Smith and feel like he got a raw deal from Nolan, yet didn’t pout; and possibly 5) if norv turner gets fired by the chargers, he could return here since nolan wont be around to micromanage him, which would make smith’s return a no-brainer. Smith wasn’t a bust. A bust doesn’t make any contributions. He at least started every game on a 7-9 team, with a respectable 78 passer rating despite not having a great receiver.

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