A challenge to be a Head Coach if…….

You were a great player, it seems.  Consider the best of breed now-a-days. Bill Cowher, Bill Parcells, Jeff Fisher, Bill Belichick, Mike Shanahan, and Mike Holmgren to name a few. None were great players, some didn’t play at all. Tony Dungy, Jack DelRio, and Marty Schottenheimer all “laced them up”, and are/were good head coaches.  But a great player leading a team must be very hard, and historically great players have not been all that successful as head coaches in many sports. Now consider Mike Singletary. He’s not only in the NFL Hall of Fame, but was selected first team all pro team seven times duirng his career, went to ten Pro Bowls, and was the NFL defenisve player of the year twice. He was good, really good. Singleatry is not a big guy at 6′, 230 pounds, but played the middle linebacker position about as well as anyone who has ever stepped on the grid iron. His work ethic and fire and compassion for the game were un-parralled. What he lacked physically, he more than made up for with heart and hard work.  It must be tough dealing with “today’s athlete” in many cases, for a player like Mike Singletary. His expectations of himself were so high, and that’s exactly what he demands from his players. There are players on the Niners roster that seem to share Singletary’s DNA. Players like Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, and Justin Smith, come to mind. Then there are others who just don’t appear to be playing with the fire and enthusiasm that Singletary brought to the field every single day. Singletary has already made it quite clear that he will not tolerate players who do not give 100% in practice, and in games. This may not translate into wins, but it is sure the right vision.  I really hope Mike Singletary can be a great head coach after being such a great player. History suggests this is much easier said, than done. but perhaps he’ll be an exception.



One Response to “A challenge to be a Head Coach if…….”

  1. Dario Says:

    I agree. It seems that great players usually don’t do a a great job as a head coach. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see former players like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young coaching. Just because you can do, doesn’t mean you can teach, or for that matter manage others.

    I hope Mike Singletary succeeds. It’s refreshing to see how he holds the team accountable. Some have blasted him for doing it in public. I commend him. He showed the fans that he will not put up with less than mediocrity. The fans and season ticket holders are starting to diminish in numbers at the stadium. Maybe this was more important for them to hear than the team. Vernon Davis wouldn’t be getting $12 million if the seats are empty.

    I’m a season ticket holder from Los Angeles. I drive up to almost every home game. The few I am unable to make are a loss of money for me because I can’t even give the tickets away.

    I needed to hear this because whether or not Mike Singletary is successful in making this team relevant, I need to know that there is someone in the organization that places greater value on the success of the team than on being politically correct.

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