More on Vernon Davis

We now have learned that Davis mouthed off to Mike Singletary more than once, after he was removed from the game for physically taunting Seahawk free safety Brian Russell. This makes the situation all the worse as Davis, by all accounts, is very close to being classified as a bust, after being the sixth overall choice in the 2006 NFL Draft. Some folks already think he is this (bust) category.  Aside from that, Davis  was dissing the Head Coach of the team, and a man who is in the NFL Hall of Fame.  It is so hard to watch a guy who has done very little in this league in three years be so arrogant and self serving.  When Alex Smith fell into his downward spiral, I don’t think anyone ever thought he was not trying, blaming others, or being self serving.  I, for one, kinda just felt sorry for him (Smith).  He ‘s a good kid, was a great college player, and was drafted number one overall in a year where everyone was running from that pick like a skunk that shows up in your backyard. Davis, on the other hand has been a pain in the posterior since the minute he showed up in Santa Clara with his form fitting Under Armour tee and his NFL Combine scores.  I hope Singletary continues to follow through with Vernon Davis. That is, get his un-divided attention, and make it very, very clear that if he doesn’t change his ways, he’ll be gone. No team, especially one that is foundering, needs a player that is behaving like Vernon Davis is.



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