Something really good happened vs Seattle

No, not the Niners being crushed at home by a 1 and 5 team, with their second string quarterback at the helm, but Mike Singletary making two very decisive moves as the Head Coach. These were decisions that Mike Nolan would not have made……………period!!! The first was sitting J.T. O’Sullivan down right before the first half, after yet another ridiculous interception, replacing him with Shaun Hill. A lot of folks think that should have happened at half time. Why? The cute little J.T. experiment needed to be over, and over now, and Singletary knew it.  He acted quickly and decisively.  The other of course was finally dealing with that utterly pompous punk, Vernon Davis. After the “highest paid tight end in the NFL” flipped back the face mask of a Seahawk defender after making a reception, resulting in a 15 yard penalty, Singletary immediately pulled Davis from the game. What ensued from there was un-clear, but after Davis sat down on the sidelines the next shot we saw was Singletary ordering him off the field. I stood up from my couch and applauded. Vernon Davis, as they say in Texas, is “all hat and no cattle.” He has been nothing short of mediocre in his three years in the league, yet struts around like he’s the second coming of Tony Gonzalez! Singletary would have none of it, and put Davis and his ego right in the locker room.  Much will be written abut the Niners awful showing against the Seattle, both offensively, and especially defensively. I hope as much will be written about a Head Coach who showed he will not accept continued poor play, nor poor attitude.



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