Matt Crevin’s “Voice of The Box”

Here’s a web site you’ll want to tell all your NFL-fan friends about . . . it’s called “Voice of The Box” . . . and it’s the brainchild of SF 49ers “Interior Press Box Announcer” Matt Crevin, (thus the name:  “Voice of the Box” — get it?) . . . anyway, Matt is a former Niners’ Public Relations Intern and has a lot of connections to make an idea like this work . . . his web site is a fun, informative, unique site that should interest any football fan . . . but it’s even more than that — it’s . . . well, here, let me let Matt grab your attention . . . here’s how he “promotes” his own site (on his site): 

What happens at stadiums across the land every Sunday before a football game airs on TV?

How must a team equipment manager pack for cold, hot and unusual weather road games?

When a team calls a timeout, how do the referees know when it is time to restart the game? 

Why are the press not allowed to cheer?

Who is responsible for cooking stadium food for 70,000 fans?

Listen Up each week as Voice of the Box brings you more than just the X’s and O’s from on the field-but puts you right in the middle of the true NFL game-day experience. Host Matt Crevin takes you behind the scenes, talks with the people who make it happen and gives listeners the opportunity to live the game in a way they never have before.

So, check it out at  . . . and, if you go there now, you’ll actually see me as the subject of his latest video podcast . . . enjoy!

— JayDub


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