Here’s Mikey……………..

It’s hard to not imagine a scenario where Mike Holmgren winds up with the Niners in some form or fashion next year, even after the bumpy ride he’s currently experiencing in Seattle. He and his wife are apparently building a house in the Bay Area, and it is anticipated that he is “coming home.”  He has publically stated that he would consider staying in football “if something suitable opened up with the Niners.” Holmgren grew up in San Francisco, graduating from Abraham Lincoln Senior High School, before matriculating at USC. He of course had a very successful assistant coaching career with the Niners before getting the head job in Green Bay.  Holmgren would bring instant credibility to the franchise both as a football man, as well as a local hero (OK, that’s not the real correct word, but you get the point).  The Niners are desparately in need of some skill, strength, and experience on their management team. Sorry, but 27 year old Jed York, and current GM Scot McCloughan, are not going to be the guys to turn this sinking ship around as a party of two. Hopefully, John and Denise D. York can be truthful with themselves on this matter, and bring in Holmgren as say, President of Football Operations. I for one, hope this plays out, and we do see Mike Holmgren back in the Niner saddle. I think he’d have a fighting chance of getting the franchise back on its feet as long as the York’s (including Jed) would let him do his job, without significant intervention. Maybe Jed can run the franchise sometime in the future, but now certainly isn’t the time…………..



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