Didn’t see that one coming……

I guessed in a BLOG post yesterday that Coach Mike Nolan would survive the ’08 season. WRONG!!!!! In what appears to me to be “knee jerk” reaction, Nolan was summarily dismissed by the Niners yesterday afternoon. The news broke around 4:30PM PST. The Niners issued a press release around 10:15PM last night, which was late and redundant. No, I didn’t think Mike Nolan was the greatest HC in the history of the NFL, and yes, I did expect Niner management (specifically Jed York) to make a change after this year. But why now? The NFC West is just getting started. Arizona is 1-0, the Niners are 1-1, Seattle is 1-1, and St. Louis is 0-1. The Niners next three games are against the NFC West. Seattle at home, Arizona away, and St. Louis at home. Are these games winnable? Sure they are. What if “Nolan’s Niners” would have won all three, were 4-1, and in control of the NFC West after week 10? Everyone would have been carrying him around on their shoulders.  Will Mike Singletary now become the saviour if the Niners can stand up and win the NFC West? It’s all crazy to me, but clearly indicative of a management team, the York’s, who lack the acumen and experience to run an NFL franchise effectively.



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