Off with their heads!!!!

Sit JTO, fire Nolan, fire Martz…………….it’s blazing saddles amongst a lot of Niner fans here in the Bay Area, and other places, I’m sure. After yet another frustrating loss over the weekend which featured more “bumblin’ and stumblin”, the usual suspects, mentioned above, have become the poster boys for fans’ frustration and ire.  So what’s gonna happen? Nolan, with ostensible input from Martz, will need to make the call on if it’s “Shaun Hill time.” I would guess, emphatically no! Nolan said before the season that there would not be a rotating QB carousel, and I think he’ll stick to his guns. He (Nolan) is a stubborn dude, and will not let  bunch of talk show junkies and bulletin board posters alter his course.  Scot McCloughan, with ostensible input from the York’s, will decide on Nolan’s fate. My guess, he’s here for the rest of the season, win or lose.

Everyone knew the Saints, Patriots, Eagles, Giants games in succession would be a mine field.  Most pundits had them losing all four games, and that’s exactly what happened. We all got tantalized in every game seeing the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” , but the fact is the Niners were beaten by four better teams.

I think that next three games in succession will absolutely define the Niners season. Home to Seattle, at Arizona, and home to St. Louis. The NFC West is still there for the taking, and none of the aforementioned foes should make the Niners tremble in their collective boots. What if the Niners could reel off three wins and take control of the NFC West?  JTO stops making all his silly mistakes, Frank Gore runs it 25 times a game, and catches a bunch of passes out of the backfield, Josh Morgan emerges as a true go-to receiver, the defense finds a way to put pressure on Hasselbeck, Warner, and Bulger…….it could happen.



One Response to “Off with their heads!!!!”

  1. RG Says:

    “but the fact is the Niners were beaten by four better teams.”

    Those four better teams are.

    Themselves, themselves, themselves,themselves.

    It is a QB’s duty to preform. They are expected to either 1. WIN the game, 2.manage the game, and 3. AT THE VERY LEAST not lose the game.

    That is expressly what JTO has done in each of his last 3 games. His turnovers have been so costly it is not funny. He has been that 12th man that each of our opponents has been seeking.

    It has been so hideously poor play that it has made me wonder if martz and JTO have a private agreement to look so bad that Nolan gets fired and then martz can take the reigns and at that point JTO will have a “miraculous turn around” as martz claims his QB is capable of.

    The statement Martz recently made saying that JTO will be a great QB in the NFL in the future makes me think he is setting up himself to look like a prophet one nolan is fired.

    Now dont get me wrong, I believe Nolan does suck as a head coach. But will we be any better with a head coach like martz who history has shown can win later in the season Just look at his record over his carreer after the first half of the season. Its horrendous!! Martz has a system that is easily adjusted to and exploited. Martz system is hard on QB’s it is made to leave the QB unprotected in many situations as part of the play.

    But I have complained enough about Nolan, Martz and JTO. The real horror is the Yorks!! After all, we wouldnt be inthis situation if it wasnt for them! I remember a statement from the yorks once that went something like this: “We are going to run this team for profit” “Its not about winning games its about making money”

    But the single most important choice the Yorks made that has started this cascading downturn is when they said they had made a choice to go away from the west coast offense style of football!!!! WHAT!!! You are abandoning a system that had treated you well over the past 20+ years!!!! You abandoned a system that is still very succesfully used, or at least a hybrid of it, around the entire NFL!!!!?? Your changing your offensive game plan when your ENTIRE team had been drafted and built around it!!!!

    Take a look people. We were in building years when that choice was made. We still had a real shot each year in our division at that time. We went from rebuilding, to a downward spiral with a flick of a switch. That switch my friends was resultant from the direct poor choices the yorks have made and continue to make on a daily basis.

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