Got to mix it up defensively against the Giants

Coach Mike Nolan has been steadfast in saying there will be no changes to the Niners defensive personnel, despite the team being close to the worst defense in the NFL, statistically. Linebacker Manny Lawson should return to the line-up this weekend in the Meadowlands, but to date, Lawson has not been a real factor, even when he’s healthy. A year off, rehabbing a pretty serious injury, seems to have taken more of a toll than we thought. Personally, I think Parys Haralson has to start, and play most of the game. He leads the team in sacks with 4, and has shown a consistent ability to get in the opponents backfield, as he did when he was an edge pass rusher in college at Tennessee. If Lawson can return to form, or somewhat close to it, I like the 4 linebacker alignment with Lawson and Haralson on the outside, and Spikes and Super-Willis on the inside.  Roderick Green needs to be on the field for a number of snaps too.  He, like Haralson, was basically a DE in college, and can rush the passer effectively in the NFL.  While I would also like to see Tarell Brown and Dashon Goldson get more playing time in what appears to be a secondary that is really showing its age (the oldest in the NFL collectively), the lack of any consistent QB pressure, especially from the front four, has made the DB’s jobs all the more difficult this season. Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb, and Curt Warner all pretty much threw the ball how and when they wanted, when they faced the Niner defense. If the Niners remain in their basic 4-3 defense, and continue to use the 5 DB’s as much as they have in previous games, I see no chance of them even sniffing the Giants. The Niners need to come after Eli Manning, who is not only banged up, but still can be rattled if pressured enough. If they get beat on plays where Manning is having to deal with a real pass rush, I am way more OK with that, as opposed to what has happened on too many occasions this season. That is, substantial yardage pass plays given up when the opposing QB just sat back and waited patiently for their receiver or receivers to come free.  Mike Nolan is a “defensive minded coach” right? Well, I would strongly suggest he put that “defensive mind” to work this Sunday in New Jersey. To keep doing what you’re doing, over and over, expecting a different result, is the definition of………………well, you know



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