Riki Ellison Honored . . .

Hey, did you see where former 49ers linebacker Riki Ellison was honored on national TV the other night for his involvement in the Youth Impact Program?

Riki, President and Founder of YIP, was singled out for his dedication to helping the at-risk youth of our nation during the Tulane-SMU game in New Orleans.

The Youth Impact Program is for at-risk middle school boys living in the inner cities of our nation, leveraging their interest in football to take them off the streets for five weeks in the summer and enhance their academic performance, develop character and build long-term mentoring relationships with established and local inner city community leaders and teachers.

Riki was an outstanding linebacker for the Niners from 1983-89, out of USC.  And, speaking of USC, Riki’s son, Rhett, is following in his father’s footsteps and playing college football for the Trojans.  Rhett is a 6-5, 250 pound, redshirt freshman tight end out of St. Francis HS in Mountain View, CA.  – pretty impressive, huh? 

And dad Riki, when not out helping the youth of America, spends his time looking out for the rest of the world as he heads up The Missle Defense Advocacy . . . talk about impressive!

— JayDub



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