Is Vernon Davis a good blocker?

I ask this seriously……..because he certianly isn’t effective catching the football. It just pains me to see this #6 overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft not surface in the passing arsenal of the Niners. 3 games, 4 catches, 68 yards. Can you imagine a TE like Brent Jones or Russ Francis operating in this wide open Martz offense? How about a healthy Eric Johnson?   I know, I know, people have said the TE was MIA when Martz was commanding the “greatest show on turf”, but a. he didn’t have a great TE there either and b. he did have Marshall Faulk, Ricky Proehl, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt and Az Hakim, and often lined up without a TE.  The Niners could really use a threat at the TE position to compliment this emerging offense, but I’m afraid Vernon Davis ain’t it. I do think he runs well and can get open, but all too often just cannot catch the football. In yesterday’s win he was open right down the pipe on a deep ball that any good pass catching TE would have corralled, and he couldn’t.  I’m afraid the Niners got caught up in “combineitis” when they drafted Davis. That sculptured body, excellent speed, strength, and jumping ability.  He was going to be the next Tomy Gonzalez in the NFL “on paper”, and certainly has gotten paid to move in that direction. He has done anything but. I really hate to put a dirt clod in the Niner punch bowl right now, because they are progressing quite nicely to date. But, if they are really to be competitive against the big boys in the NFL they need a true receiving option at the TE position.  Currently, they don’t have one.



2 Responses to “Is Vernon Davis a good blocker?”

  1. MJ Says:

    Delaney Walker.

  2. MN Says:

    I too like Delanie Walker, but I think calling him a “real” TE is a misnomer. Today’s “real” TE’s in the NFL are huge human beings, who are called upon to be power blockers for the run game, and pass targets in the air game. Look at the Niners roster and you’ll see what I mean, at least from a “size perspective.” Davis is 6’3″, 250 lbs, Billy Bajema is 6’4″, 256 lbs, and practice squad TE J.J. Finley is 6’6″, 255 lbs. Walker is generously listed at 6’0″, 242 lbs. He (Walker) is a hybrid player, who I think will see more and more action in the Martz offense because he CAN catch the ball, unlike Vernon Davis. But an every down TE in the NFL? Nope.

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