After Two Starts, JTO Compares With The Great Ones . . . Even Montana And Young!

I did a little research and believe it or not, after his first two starts, JT O’Sullivan compares with the great quarterbacks in recent 49ers history . . . Dating back through the team’s glory years — basically 28 years and five QBs ago — nobody . . . not Alex Smith . . . not Jeff Garcia . . . not Steve Young . . . not even Joe Montana . . . had FEWER interceptions and MORE wins, more passing yards, a higher QB rating or a better completion percentage in their first two starts than JTO!

How about that?  JTO is 1-1in his two start, just like Young and Garcia were . . . while Alex and, yes, Joe were 0-2.  JT has 516 yards passing – Garcia was second at 476 (Montana & Young were both under 300 and Smith was under 200).

JT’s completion percentage is 65.4 – Garcia was second at 62.3 (Joe & Steve were 57.8 and 54.5, respectively). JT has one interception, as did Steve & Joe (Jeff had two and Alex had five). And JT’s QB rating is 96.3, well ahead of Garcia at 75.6 and Montana with 71.9 (Young was 53.5 and Smith a pitiful 25.1)!

— JayDub


2 Responses to “After Two Starts, JTO Compares With The Great Ones . . . Even Montana And Young!”

  1. John in HB Cali Says:

    JTO’S is GONE after this year, along with Mike Martz. Nothing is stopping them from being a dynamic duo some place better than San FranFreako.
    The city no longer deserves the team, The city give nothing but lip service for 30 years since they started winning in the 80’s with lip service. Since they haven’t been winning…Since the “YorK” has been running the team, they have become grade A Joe Thomas Machine. You expect a place like San Francisco to make things better for the team to stay? Lip service for 30 years. Eddie would have knocked somebody out by now or the 49ers would be playing in Orange County California.

    Run Mike Martz, Run JTO’S!! The place used to be great, now it just a pile of Candlestick point. Hell the cowboys have built two NFL stadium since Candlestick has been around…way off topic..

  2. hookedonniners Says:

    “Way off the topic…” as you say . . . but pretty interesting take, none the less . . . thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!
    — JayDub

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