Must win against Detroit?

To use an over used phrase, I think yes, this game is a must win for the Niners. A win here would provide both the confidence and camaraderie needed to face the next month of NFL football, which will include road games against the Saints and the Giants, and home games against the Patriots and the Eagles. Even without Tom Brady, the Patriots are likely favorites against the Niners at the ‘Stick. The Niners will be underdogs against the Saints, Eagles and Giants for sure.  The Lions do look like they should be available prey for the Niners. They have given up 82 points in their opening two games, and QB John Kitna has thrown 4 int’s, and been sacked 8 times in those games. Detroit will start two rookie running backs against the Niners, so “on paper” the Niners might be able to slow down a ground attack, something they have not been terribly successful at doing in their first two contests. But, they had better put some pressure on Kitna because he, like Kurt Warner in Arizona, has two very large and talented wide receivers. The duo of  6’5″ Calvin Johnson, and 6’3″ Roy Williams, are a very good tandem.  Big nickle CB Shawntae Spencer is out of this game, and CB, Donald Strickland will be a game time decision, thus the Niners will be down some solid contributors in the D-backfield. Personally, I think this is going to be a close game.  The Niners are currently favored by 4, which sounds about right.  A “must win” on Sunday, would be just what the doctor ordered.



2 Responses to “Must win against Detroit?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Maybe, you guys should edit your article before posting it. Curt warner?

  2. hookedonniners Says:

    Thanks much……very insightful and important comment

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