Can the Niners beat Seattle “up there?”

After an opening day thrashing at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, the Seahawks return home to host the 49ers this Sunday. The ‘Hawks are typically a good home team with very vociferous fan support. After the embarrassing loss to the Bills, you can bet that Coach Mike Holmgren has been on the club like a pitbull on a pork roast.  The Seahawks will clearly be “up”, when J.T. and company roll into town. If there was a time to beat the Seahawks at home though,  it might be right about now. Neither starting receiver Deion Branch nor Bobby Engram played against Buffalo, and their status is still unknown for the Niners. Number three wide out Nate Burleson was placed on IR this week, and is probably out for the season. The starting WR’s listed on the current Seahawks depth chart are Logan Payne and Courtney Taylor. If the Niners can’t D-up against those guys, it might indeed be time to call 911. The Seattle defense is still a formidable one despite the 37 points that Buffalo scored last weekend. Many of those were attributable to special teams breakdowns. The ‘Hawks have 4 2007 pro-bowlers on their D…….Patrick Kerney, Julian Peterson, Lofa Tatupu, and Marcus Trufant, so the Niners offense is in for a test. If the Niners can mitigate the huge number of mistakes they made against the Cardinals and block better for J.T., I think they clearly have a solid fighting chance against Seattle, despite being a 9 point underdog as of this writing.



2 Responses to “Can the Niners beat Seattle “up there?””

  1. Pintor98 Says:

    They have to win………….. If we can’t beat them now were a 2-3 win team. No excuses!! Yeah, Sea is going to blitz a lot. It’s no secret we should be working on that all week. We have the weapons to make them pay if they do. Double TE, one in and the other down the seam or in the flat and alternate them one goes out one stays in to block. Gore out of the backfield to the flats up the middle. Morgan let’s give him so shot’s down field one on one. I really think our Defense will win this game for us!!!!!!

  2. MN Says:

    Yes indeed this is an important ball game. Rocky Bernard, the guy who originally wiped out Alex Smith, returns to the Seahawks after a one game league suspension, which will help them. The Niners have to play a pretty perfect game in order to win IMO, and also need to, as you suggest, throw a number of diffrent looks at the Seattle defense.

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