At least we’re better than the Raiders!

How about those Raiders????? Pee-U. That’s six straight opening game loses. And do you think Mike Shanahan enjoyed putting a major a……………kicking on Al Davis much? Asked last week if he had gotten over Davis excusing him as head coach of the Raiders, Shanahan retorted…..”absolutely not.” The Shanahan Broncos are now 21-6 against the “Silver and Black” since Davis fired him.

Neither the Raiders nor the Niners have made the NFL playoffs since 2002. That’s ten years of playoff drought for the Bay Area. Not pretty. Both teams have been pretty much terrible over that period. As long as Al Davis is alive, maybe even not well, the Raiders will continue to be bottom dwellers. One of his great free agent decisions, corner back DeAngelo Hall, made rookie Eddie Royal from Va. Tech look like an immediate pro-bowler (9 catches for 146yds) last night. Heck, even the Niner reject Darrell Jackson hauled in a 48yd TD pass. I am not a Raider-hater, but this franchise is just circling the drain. Hopefully the Niners can right the ship this weekend in Seattle, but I wouldn’t bet a lot of chips on that. The ‘Hawks are pretty tough at home, and will be gunning for bear after getting plastered by Buffalo last weekend.




3 Responses to “At least we’re better than the Raiders!”

  1. Jason Says:

    Atleast the Raiders played a good team and lost. We played the damn cardinals and couldn’t muster a win. “They are who we thought they were!!”, we just stink. I AM a Raider Hater but to say that we are better than anotehr 0-1 team is a stretch.

  2. Larry Says:

    In response to Jason:

    How can you say that the Broncos are better than the Cardinals? The Broncos went into last nights game starting a rookie running back, a rookie receiver and sorry ass Darrell Jackson at the other receiver spot.

    On the other hand our Niners had to deal with two Pro Bowl receivers, a former Pro Bowl running back, and a former Pro Bowl quarter back. And in the first half our defense did a great job making up for some of our offensive mistakes. By the second half our defense was just tired and the Cardinals took advantage of that.

  3. MN Says:


    LOL……………….personally I don’t think the ‘Nals are a bad team. Remember they were 8-8 last year with two losses to the Niners who were not exactly a juggernaut. They have the best wide receiving tandem in the NFL IMO, and a better than average defense witht the return of Adrian Wilson and addition of Travis LaBoy. I still had the Niners winning the opener though, but with 5 T.O.’s, and having the ball for 7 minutes and 15 plays in the entire 2nd half, that just ain’t gonna happen. Thanks very much for your comments.

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