Great TV . . .

It’s too bad it was only for the preseason and not the regular season as well, because I really think Dennis O’Donnell, Eric Davis and Kim Coyle did a splendid job broadcasting SF 49ers preseason games this year for CBS-TV Channel 5. . . 

O’Donnell, the CBS 5 sports director, did a nice job calling the action and keeping everyone involved.

Davis, the former standout DB, who spent six of his 13 NFL seasons in an SF uniform, knows the game so well and is articulate enough to easily share that knowledge with the viewers in a relaxed and casual manner (he did so well that I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the national networks gobble him up sometime soon).

And Coyle, with her ever present contagious smile, had more than a few informationally appropriate and often clever contributions from her “sideline reporter” assignment.

I really felt that, as a team, this trio worked very well together and displayed good knowledge of the Niners – inside & out . . . and for a viewer, that’s a comfortable feeling!

— JayDub


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