Is it just me?

In the sports page in my paper, as I would assume is the case with all sports pages, is an area called “transactions.” It shows all the coming’s and going’s of all professional and collegiate teams. Here’s two “examples” from my local rag today. “Louisville suspended freshman QB Matt Simms for the first four games of the season for breaking team rules.” Then there was “this.” “Former University of Florida football safety Jamar Hornsby 21, was charged with four misdemeanors in Gainsville after being arrested for using the gas credit card of a dead female Florida student for six months, the state attorney’s office said.  The woman was killed along wiht another Florida football player in a motorcycle accident.”

I am not trying to just highlight the indiscretions of Mr. Simms or Mr. Hornsby here. I am just flabbergasted that virtually every day there is a notice about a collegiate athlete being dismissed or suspended for doing something that in many cases, is quite serious. It just makes me cranky that so many college athletes are coddled and pampered that they seem to think that they can do what ever they damn well please, and not be held accountable for it. Of course, in many cases this “behavior” is molded well before college. But college is not the only culprit for continuing to tolerate these bad boys. Look no further than the Cincinnati Bengals welcoming back super thug Chris Henry to their team after injuries have hobbled starters Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.



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