J.T. O’Sullivan for President!

OK,  I think enough has been written about JTO and the Packer game. He’s all but locked up the starting QB posiiton for the Niners. A. Smith did OK, but nothing that was going stop the delegates for casting their lot for O’Sullivan. Does this mean Alex Smith has joined the official list of super high pick QB busts, along with the likes of Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer, Tim Couch, David Carr, Akili Smith and Heath Schuler? Yes, I’m afraid it has. As a sidebar, Schuler is now a U.S. Congressman from Tennessee. So maybe pro football isn’t for everybody?  Maybe Alex Smith ought to think about running “for” something, instead of always running “from” something. Anyway I digress……………..

After whining constantly for a number of years about the Niners lack of an interior line pass rush, I saw some signs that this version of the Niners might actually be able to muster one. Justin Smith put some nice pressure on the Packers starting O-line and QB, and second year man Ray McDonald from Florida had his second very good game getting after the QB. McDonald is a very quick guy which he has, and must, use to his advantage against the huge OT’s the league, given the fact he’s “only” 6’3″, 290 lbs.  The Niners also played some 4-man defensive line against Green Bay, which may be a nice weapon to deploy against some opponents, if they can play it consistently.

I thought the Niners’ offensive line also played a very solid game against Green Bay, and may be finally forming into a cohesive unit.  Joe Staley is gonna be fine at left tackle. He pretty much neutralized Packer sack master Aaron Kampman during their one-on-one battles.  Adam Snyder may finally have a permanent residence at left guard. Center Eric Heitmann looked much like the 2006 version, after suffering a major leg injury in the last game of that year against the Seahawks.  Journeyman Tony Wragge always seems to do what’s asked of him, and my guess is  he’ll start the season at right guard, even if David Baas is physically able to perform. Jonas Jennings can be a darn good right tackle if he can stay healthy and focused.

Certainly some very good things happened against Green Bay, which hopefully the Niners take forward to their next two pre-season games and most importantly, into the regular season. I’m not quite ready for my own J.T. O’Sullivan jersey quite yet, but who knows, that maybe forthcoming.



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