Just an exhibition game eh?

I know, I know, the Niners game with the Packers of Green Bay doesn’t technically “count”, but I think this game is going to “count” allot.  Six year, eight team NFL veteran J.T. O’Sullivan is going to start the game for the Niners, and play the entire first half. O’Sullivan started the Raider game as well, and has been the QB with the first team offense in practice, for the last two weeks. Here’s a quote from the 8/19 San Francisco Chronicle for those of you who don’t get it, or read it on line. “Nobody in the 49ers’ organization will acknowledge it, but the starting quarterback’s job is J.T. O’Sullivan’s job to lose.” If O’Sullivan has a good showing against the Pack, and Smith doesn’t do something significant during his third quarter opportunity, especially against what will be non Packer starters, the Smith party tent will probably have to be taken down.  Shaun Hill seems to have faded in this competition and appears destined to go back to manning the clip board. I just can’t get my small number of brain cells wrapped around the prospect of J.T. O’Sullivan entering the 2008 season as the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers, but that is a very viable circumstance. Oh, there’s also this little matter of the starting quarterback on the team that the Niners will be facing this weekend, one, Aaron Rodgers. If he has a stellar game against the Niners, even if O’Sullivan does as well, there will be yet more ammunition for the Alex Smith execution firing squad. But, as someone said, “it ain’t over ’till it’s over”, and with no disrespect to J.T. O’Sullivan who has worked hard and competed hard since he’s been a Niner, I still want Alex Smith to emerge and be a starting NFL quarterback. Yes, this coming game against the Packers is going to “count”, on so many different levels.



One Response to “Just an exhibition game eh?”

  1. DennyPat Says:

    Hi Gang

    The QB decision come down to Mike Martz (I believe). I listened to a morning radio interview with MM this week and it was clear he liked JTO’s intangibles (determination), quick release, and accuracy. These are three things Alex is weak on.

    Alex is a better athelete and clearly more tallented that JTO. If he can improve in the areas listed above he may eventually be ‘the guy’ again. Until he figures this out, holding a clipboard may not be a bad thing.

    In the meantime, JTO makes the offense ‘the most functional’. With our good defense, that may be enough.

    One possible grudge match missed by most seems to be when Arron R’s was selected by Green Bay, JTO was a GB backup. He was released after Rodgers was selected.

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