While Lelie and Hill sit, Morgan flourishes…..

As Ashley Lelie and Jason Hill sit on the sidelines nursing lagging injuries, rookie 6th round draft pick Josh Morgan, from Virigina Tech, continues to get playing time in practice and games, and is getting noticed “big time.” He has clearly been the main man of the Niner receiving corps so far this year. Many think Morgan slipped considerably in the 2008 NFL draft due to some off field issues, that are now clearly behind him. The Niners, maybe, just maybe, have found a real pony in the pile with Josh Morgan. He’s a big kid at 6 feet, almost 220 lbs,  and ran a very respectable 4.46 forty at the combine. He’s been catching everything thrown his way in practice, and had a very nice performance in the opening exhibition game against the Raiders. It’s almost a certainty that Morgan is going to make the opening game Niner roster. Isaac Bruce, Bryant Johnson and Arnaz Battle are virtual locks to join him.  It now seems that Lelie and Hill are the vulnerable players for the 5th receiver. Both have been disappointments in their Niner careers to date. Lelie, once a formidable pass catcher in Denver has fallen from grace, and was in Mike Nolan’s “dog house” all last year after being brought in from Atlanta to make some plays for Alex Smith, and the Niners. Hill, the speedster from San Francisco and Washington State, and the #2 receiving TD maker in the history of the Pac10 Conference was  out hurt a whole bunch last year, and once again is nicked up and watching from the sidelines. So, what have we learned here?  When “opportunity knocks” some seize it, and some get left behind.



4 Responses to “While Lelie and Hill sit, Morgan flourishes…..”

  1. Mike G Says:

    I was at the 1st exibition game in Oakland… Let me tell you, I know its REALLY early, but I strongly believe that we might have found a diamond in the rug! This guy has the physical capabilities to make plays, and has the size to be a problem for the defense. My prediction: He WILL wind up as the NUMBER 1 WR early in the season. Maybe not on the depth chart, but by stats.

    -Mike G of Hollister, CA

  2. Brian V. Says:

    Jason Hill was definitely not on Injured Reserve all of last year. I don’t think he ever was at all, because I remember his only significant play all year came in the Cincinnati game when he dropped a first-down pass, and that was at the end of the season.

    @Mike G — “diamond in the rug?” had to laugh a little, lol. diamond in the ROUGH.

    Morgan so far looks the part, but it’s only preseason. We may have finally drafted a wide receiver after so many misses. (Brandon Lloyd, Rashaun Woods, Brandon Williams, etc.) If it can happen for Detroit, maybe it can happen for us too.

  3. T Says:

    the 49ers should really take a long look at putting morgan starting oppostie Bryant Johnson. Theyre both big, physical, playmaking, recievers that can run after the catch. Battle and Bruce will be great for situational use at 3 or 4. our offense has no spark, its easy nolan, do the opposite of what youve been doing! I dont care who starts QB, my guess is they wont be here long! Choose the best leader Nolan and stick with it! GO NINERS!

  4. hookedonniners Says:

    Good comments all………………….Brian V. is right, Jason Hill was not on IR last year. I mistakenly thought he was because he was injured a great deal. The Niner wide receiving corps of Bruce, Johnson, Battle, Hill and Morgan certainly appears to be a significant upgrade from 2007. Now if the O-line can block, and one of these dang QB’s can step up a make the throws in the Martz scheme, and Vernon Davis can make a lot more plays, we just might have something going here……that’s a lot of “if’s” though.


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