Tickets Here . . . Get Your Niners’ Tickets HERE!

Okay Niners fans . . . I’ve got 2008 single game tickets for sale for a very good friend of mine that can’t use them this season . . . Gone, already from the season ticket package, are NE, Philadelphia & Seattle . . . but the other seven games remain available as I type this note:  Green Bay, San Diego, Arizona, Detroit, St. Louis, the Jets (with Brett Favre) & Washington . . . and they’re going on a “first requested, first served” basis . . .

Cost you ask?  Just FACE VALUE . . . two GREAT SEATS & a Parking Pass will cost just $225 per game . . . the tickets are priced at $98 each, the parking is worth $25+ . . . and “shipping and/or delivery” is included!

Now, that my Forty Niners friends, is what’s called a GREAT DEAL!  And, if you’re interested . . . email me ASAP at and I’ll pass along the “sellers” information and your “secret password!”

— JayDub


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