Helmet Radios Not Just For QB’s Anymore . . .

Those of you that follow pro football closely may already know this, but for those “casual” fans — did you know that helmet radios are not just for quarterbacks anymore? 

I had my first NFL Instant Replay conference call this afternoon and among the few new rule changes (such as no “force out” rule any more), we discussed the fact that one primary player on the defensive side of the ball will be allowed to wear a radio speaker device in his helmet this year, just as the quarterback on the offensive side has done for the past several seasons.  Actually, a “primary” player AND a “back up” player will be fitted for the radios, but ONLY one of those “special helmets” will be allowed on the field at the one time . . . and which ever one it is, his helmet (just like the QB’s helmets with radios in them) will be marked with a sticker (probably a green dot sticker), signifying the special devise is “on board!”  That way, the defensive coaches can communicate with the defense, just as the offensive coaches have been able to do with the quarterback.  And just like the QB’s radio, the defensive player’s radio will “shut off” at 15 seconds or the snap, which comes first. 

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

— JayDub


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