Favre to un-retire, what a suprise!

Ah, the “startling” news that B. Favre is thinking about reporting to the Packers training camp this summer should have come as no surprise to anyone….. should it? Yah, Farvre is gonna hang around his pad and cut the grass, and go fishin’ and huntin’ all right. This guy is way too competitive and his team got way too close to the prize last year for him to hang ’em up. Besides…………he can still play in this league. He knows it, and so do the Packers.  I kinda feel sorry for young Aaron Rodgers who has been diligently preparing to be the starter. Looks like he may need to get re-acquainted with the clipboard for at least another year. Then there’s 2008 Draft picks Brian Brohm from Louisville, and Matt Flynn from LSU. Certainly both thought they’d be in the NFL this year. If #4 really does come back to the Frozen Tundra, then one of them probably won’t be. All in all it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Any NFL fan wants to see Favre back on the field. He is, and remains one of the very best who has ever strapped on a helmet.




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