Meeting A Niner

At the recent SF PAL fund raising golf tournament, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the celebrity participants, Donald Strickland, Niner defensive back.  It is always nice to report that one of the home town heroes is a nice guy.  Strickland has a shy demeanor and is a good sport.  He was playing in the event with his grandfather and it was easy to see that the two were truly the best of friends.  As the emcee of the event, I took several liberties to make fun of the hard hitting corner and he took it all in stride.  On the spur of the moment, he even offered an autographed jersey that fetched a handsome price.  As for Strickland’s golf game, he attacks the game the same way he attacks life on the gridiron: he hits hard!  Drives in the neighborhood of 275 to 300 yards are not uncommon for him.  However, as my old pal and former PGA Touring Pro, Moon Mullins, once told me, “There are only two things in golf; straight and distance.”  Take it from me,  Strickland is half way there. 




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