Bad Niner Mojo………….

So, I open the paper this morning, and see two Niner stories that both are in the not so good category. First, David Baas, who FINALLY won a starting position in the second half of last year, tears a pectoral muscle pumping iron, and will miss the entire 2008 exhibition season. Hopefully for Baas, Tony Wragge, Jeb Terry, or some draft pick we don’t know about, won’t step up and put Baas back on the pine. Unlikely, perhaps, but Baas had to work much harder than anticipated to become a starter, and now unfortunately he’s become vulnerable. Then there’s San Francisco native Donald Strickland who got a nice Free Agent re-sign opportunity from the Niners. He’s been “summoned” to court for public intoxication and resisting arrest at a nightclub in San Jose a couple of weeks ago. Ah, Don……………………………..what are ya thinkin’? Strickland is far from a lock to make the ball club at the DB position, thus getting in trouble off the field isn’t exactly high on the judgment scale. Actually the Niners have been quite intolerant to this kind of behavior, so hopefully Mr. Strickland will have his day in court, do what he has to do, and get back to being a full time professional athlete.



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