Good call by the Dolphins!

As “recommended” by the Hooked on the Niners Dream Team in our “who we would take” Mock Draft, the Dolphins have apparently made Michigan super offensive tackle, Jake Long, the number one selection in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Good choice! Long should be a dozen year fixture at left tackle for the ‘Fins, and help them begin re-building what has become a terrible ball club. Bill Parcells knows exactly what he’s doing, and that is totally displayed by the Jake Long signing.  Long becomes only the third number one overall first pick at the Offensive Tackle position. The other two? Orlando Pace from Ohio State to the Rams in 1997, and Ron Yary of USC, by the Vikings in 1968.  Yary is a Hall of Famer, and Pace almost certainly will be.  Here’s another piece of Offensive Tackle “useful information” for you.  Perhaps the greatest NFL Offensive Tackle ever was Anthony Munoz of USC. Munoz was drafted number three overall by the Bengals in 1980. The first two picks in 1980? The Detroit Lions picked Billy Sims of Oklahoma number one overall, and the New York Jets picked Johnny “Lam” Jones of Texas number two, overall. The “Lam” was recently named as one of the top ten draft busts of all time!



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